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Transit Blue Ribbon Committee

A Blue Ribbon Committee, comprised of business and community leaders, will take an in-depth look at how to address unmet transit needs in Washoe County. The committee will meet the third Thursday of the month. Meetings are open to the public (check our website calendar for meeting times and locations).

Working closely with the public, a regional vision for transit was developed as part of the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan. People strongly expressed the need for more transit in the community to serve a growing senior population, accommodate the travel preferences of the millennial generation and help stimulate economic growth. The sentiment was echoed when more than 250 people attended the RTC Transit Connections 2013 summit in December. The Blue Ribbon Committee is the next step to discuss our community’s public transportation system, and the opportunities and challenges we face to meet the transit needs of our community.

The Blue Ribbon Committee will discuss and closely examine the benefits of transit to the region. The committee will determine how the regional transit vision may be implemented, and come up with ideas for funding the vision. Among the financial issues the committee will consider are: the impact of the recession, what would have happened if voters had not approved fuel tax indexing in Washoe County and forecasts of RTC revenues and costs. While the community is speaking out about the need for additional transit, the regional vision for transit is unfunded at this time. The committee made recommendations to the RTC Board of Commissioners based on its meetings and review of the RTC's finances.