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Marketing and Communications

For all marketing and communications requests, call (775) 348-8990 or Contact Us via email.

Media Assistance

The RTC is committed to open communication and public knowledge about its many services. Press releases are frequently issued to media outlets and posted online. Our goal is to share information with the public in a timely and thorough manner. We are pleased to respond to requests for interviews and other information from reporters and media representatives. Please contact Joe Harrington, Public Information Officer, 335-1916 or 848-9062.

Speakers Bureau

The RTC speaker's bureau has representatives available to present information about a wide range of transportation topics and issues relating to our Northern Nevada community. If you have a citizen group or other community meeting and would like to have a representative from RTC attend please Contact Us.

Transit Advertising

The RTC marketing department is responsible for the selling of transit advertising. Exterior and interior advertising space is available on our transit buses. In addition, space is available inside the RTC Bus Book. Please call 775-348-8990 or email transitadvertising@rtcwashoe.com for more information.

RTC Logo Use and Graphic Standards 
for Download

The graphic identity program for the RTC includes an agency logo and logos for our transit services: RTC RIDE, RTC ACCESS, RTC INTERCITY, RTC RAPID, and RTC CONNECT and the RTC VANPOOL. For our transit services to be appropriately recognized in the community we serve, an RTC Styleguide has been created, clearly outlining the RTC visual identity. The styleguide and RTC logos can be downloaded here:

Click here to open RTC Styleguide (short version)

Click here to download RTC agency logo (compressed folder containing: PMS eps file, grayscale eps file, RGB jpg file)

Click here to download RTC RIDE logo (compressed folder containing: PMS eps file, grayscale eps file, RGB jpg file)

Click here to download RTC RAPID logo (Illustrator pdf file)

Click here to download RTC ACCESS logo (compress folder containing PMS eps file, grayscale eps file, RGB jpg file)

Please note, when referencing our transit services, the full service names should appear in all capital letters as follows: RTC RIDE, RTC ACCESS, RTC INTERCITY.