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Where's my Next Ride?

NextRide is a service designed to help take the guesswork out of bus arrivals. It uses satellite technology to track a bus; then sends the estimated arrival time for a particular stop to you via phone, text, or web.

To use NextRide: Provide your bus stop number or route number and direction.

All RTC RIDE bus stops are numbered. RTC will be installing new signs with NextRide information at all bus stop by spring 2014. In the meantime, you can call RTC Passenger Services at 775-348-7433 for your stop number.

NextRide Text TEXT:
  • Text “Reno” and your stop number to 41411.
  • Leave a space between the word “Reno” and your stop number when entering text.
  • You will receive a text message back with arrival time.
NextRide Text PHONE:
  • Call 775-473-1065 and follow the prompts.
  • Enter your stop number when asked.
NextRide Text Online/Mobile web:
  • Go to rtcwashoe.com on your web enabled device and click on the NextRide link.


You can receive automatic alerts when your bus is about to arrive. Go to rtcwashoe.com, select NextRide and click on the Alerts link.

  • Go to app store
  • Search "nextbus"
  • Select "NextBus Realtime Bus Tracker" by Idemfactor solutions; select your system
  • Go to app store
  • Search "nextbus"
  • Select "iNextBus" by Idemfactor solutions; select your system