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Charter Regulations

The Federal Transit Administration issued new charter regulations effective April 30, 2008. The RTC must follow these regulations when responding to special service requests.

Any of the following features may be characteristic of charter service as defined by the FTA under 49 CFR 604.3(c):

  1. Transportation provided by RTC at the request of a third party. 
    • A third party pays the transit provider a negotiated price for the group, or
    • Any fares charged to individual members of the group are collected by a third party, or
    • The service is not part of RTC's regularly scheduled service, or is offered for a limited period of time, or
    • A third party determines the origin and destination of the trip as well as scheduling
  2. Transportation provided by RTC to the public for events or functions that occur on an irregular basis or for a limited duration
    1. A premium fare is charged that is greater than the usual or customary fixed route fare, or
    2. The service is paid for in whole or in part by a third party

Requests received by RTC to provide special service to an event or for the benefit of a specific group must be submitted in writing. Please complete the form below and submit by fax 775-324-3503 to David Jickling, RTC Director of Public Transportation. You may also Contact Us by email.

The RTC will notify private charter operators when special service requests are received. Charter operators must be registered on FTA’s Charter Registration Website: http://www.fta.dot.gov/CharterRegistration  

For more information please review the FTA's Charter Rule: