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The Start of Something Big on Virginia Street

Designed to be a lot like light rail, RTC RAPID is a faster transit service on Virginia Street from downtown Reno to Meadowood Mall. RTC RAPID includes level-boarding stations with more amenities served by modern 60-foot articulated hybrid diesel/electric vehicles. The service includes technology that allows the buses to communicate with the traffic signals to extend the green time a little bit for the bus. Design improvements help vehicles move around other traffic. RTC RAPID vehicles will travel up and down Virginia Street significantly faster than regular transit buses.

RTC CONNECT operates every day, 24 hours a day, every 30 minutes from 4 am - midnight and hourly from midnight - 4 am. RTC CONNECT links all bus stops on Virginia Street to RTC RAPID stations.

Fares, passes and transfers are the same as RTC RIDE. Adult fare is $2. Passes are available from pass vending machines at RTC transit centers and from pass retailers throughout the community. See fare chart for complete fare schedule.

Learn about RTC NextRIDE and how to use Ticket Vending Machines.