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Road Project Sign Example Business Access Sign Example


Below are the InDesign templates, Illustrator file and source files for download. Contractors working on RTC projects are responsible for providing sign companies with these files. Templates can only be opened and edited in the InDesign and Illustrator software. Please refer to the Specifications for context to be used for a specific project.

After you click on the link above, it will take you to a page with the files. You will see the following files available. Click the desired file, then click Download on the top of the page.

• Project Sign Template (UPDATE_road.sign.consultant_template.indd, InDesign file)
• Business Access Sign (UPDATED_support_businss_OTL.pdf, Illustrator file)
• RTC Logo Bug (logo_bug_CMYK.eps, Illustrator file, needed in Project Sign)
• FUTURA 0 (FUTURAM_0.TTF, font needed in Project Sign)
• FUTURA B (FUTURAB_0.TTF, font needed in Project Sign)

Prior to production, submit the final draft in pdf format to:

  1. RTC Graphics/Web Designer, Nancy Mues, at nmues@rtcwashoe.com for review of the design.
  2.          RTC Project Manager for review of the context. (Sign subcontractor can obtain the RTC Project Manager’s contact information from the prime contractor.)