Advertising on Buses

The RTC provides quality public transportation throughout Reno and Sparks (RTC RIDE), express commuter service to Carson City (RTC REGIONAL CONNECTOR),  and door-to-door transportation for people with disabilities (RTC ACCESS). RTC currently offers advertising on RTC RIDE.

RTC Washoe Advertising on Buses


  • 25 bus routes serving customers 7 days a week
  • Nearly 8 million rides a year
  • Each bus averages more than 4,200 miles a month
  • Exterior and interior transit advertising available on RTC transit services.

Who reads transit advertising? Everyone!
Business owners and patrons near our stops, pedestrians along our routes, drivers, vehicle passengers, transit riders—everyone sees bus advertising.

Tips for successful transit advertising.
Keep your message simple. Graphics should be bold and identifiable from a distance. Be sure to include an easy-to-follow call to action.

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