Pyramid Highway/US395 Current Maps

This page contains graphics of the preferred alternative that is identified in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), which is tentatively scheduled to be made available to the public later this year. Build Alternative 3 was initially identified as the preferred alternative, after public and agency comments received on the 2013 Draft  Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) were reviewed and considered. The Preferred Alternative has since been revised to reflect the most current projected traffic volumes as provided by the regional traffic model (see Arterial Alternative 3 below).

The primary elements of Build Alternative 3 from the DEIS that remain in Revised Alternative 3 (preferred alternative) are:

  • The southern crossing of the US 395 Connector through Sun Valley
  • An interchange west of Sun Valley providing indirect access from the US 395 Connector to Sun Valley Boulevard
  • The Ridge Alignment of the US 395 Connector that runs from Pyramid Highway south of Sparks Boulevard to US 395

The primary changes to the design of Built Alternative 3 that are reflected in Arterial Alternative 3 result in a reduced footprint and reduced environmental impacts. The design changes include:

  • Pyramid design changed from a 6-lane freeway to a 4- and 6-lane limited access arterial
  • US 395 Connector design changed from a 6-lane freeway to a 4- and 6-lane high-speed limited access primary arterial with additional climbing lanes where needed
  • No frontage roads required along Pyramid Highway
  • Eliminated elevated interchanges at several locations along Pyramid Highway. Near Pyramid Highway, new grade-separated interchanges are only required at Pyramid/Sparks Boulevard and US 395 Connector west of Pyramid Highway between Kiley Parkway and Golden View Drive


R3-1 US 395 Connector System Interchange Area

R3-2 US 395 to Sun Valley Blvd

Queen Way to Disc Drive

R3-4 Disc Drive East of Pyramid Way

R3-5 Los Altos Parkway to Golden View Drive

R3-6 Sparks Blvd to Lazy Five Parkway

R3-7 Dolores Drive to La Posada Drive

R3-8 North of La Posada Drive

Arterial Alternative 3 Figure