Press Release: Construction Begins on Las Brisas Boulevard and Los Altos Parkway


The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County and Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc. (SNC) are beginning a corrective maintenance project on Las Brisas Boulevard between Robb Drive and McCarran Boulevard, and Los Altos Parkway between North Vista Boulevard and South Vista Boulevard.

Improvements on Las Brisas Boulevard between Robb Drive and Brittania Drive include Mill and Overlay. The project between Brittania Drive and North McCarran Boulevard includes slurry seal. Other improvements include replacement of the asphalt pavement, patching and crack sealing.

Improvements on Los Altos Parkway include slurry seal between North Vista Boulevard and Goodwin Road, and Mill and Overlay from Goodwin Road to South Vista Boulevard.

In addition to pavement improvements, the project will replace curbs and gutters as necessary, improve pedestrian ramps as needed, and install green pavement markings for bicycle lanes. Travel lane and intersection configurations will generally remain the same.

Drivers can anticipate lane closures and detours during construction. SNC will provide and maintain a minimum of one paved travel lane in each direction at all times on Las Brisas Boulevard between Brittania Drive and McCarran Boulevard and one-way traffic during patching and mill and fill operations from Brittania Dive to Robb Drive.  There will be one-way traffic during patching, slurry seal, and mill and fill operations on Los Altos Parkway. The project will maintain business access at all times.

The RTC expects to complete the project in November, taking less than 50 working days depending on weather.

This project represents a $4.5 million investment, paid for with local fuel tax funding.