Press Release: Construction Nearing Completion on 4th Street & Woodland Avenue Roundabout

SEPTEMBER 21, 2023

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County and Sierra Nevada Construction, Inc. (SNC) have completed major construction operations on the 4th Street and Woodland Avenue Roundabout and the project is nearing completion. Mesa Park Road is open in both directions.

Crews will perform minor, intermittent construction operations throughout the next two weeks to finish general project cleanup, final roadway striping and sign installations.

Roadwork will tentatively occur on Wednesday, September 27 and Tuesday, October 3. Drivers can anticipate minor lane reconfigurations and delays of up to 20 minutes while the intersection is under flagger control on those two days.

About the 4th Street and Woodland Avenue Roundabout:

This project includes the construction of a retaining wall between West 4th Street and Mesa Park Road, roadway improvements and roundabout construction.

The purpose of the roundabout is to improve safety at the intersections of West 4th Street and Woodland Avenue and West 4th Street and Mesa Park Road. Both intersections have stop signs but high vehicle speeds on West 4th Street make it difficult for drivers to find gaps to enter the roadway.

A study shows that the roundabout will reduce the number of crashes at these intersections by 30 percent. It will also reduce crash severity by slowing the speed of traffic.

The project includes an eight-foot multi-use path and crosswalks to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.