Affordable Housing Study

Affordable housing continues to be an important issue in our region. Our community is growing so quickly that finding affordable housing continues to be a challenge for many of our neighbors. Having affordable housing near transit stops helps people have access to essential services and enhances their quality of life.

The RTC Affordable Housing Study will look at ways to encourage developers to build affordable housing near existing transit routes. The study will identify locations near transit that would be ideal for affordable housing. The RTC will then work with its regional partners and the development community to potentially develop a pathway to encourage affordable housing at these identified locations.

Affordable housing and transit go hand in hand. The RTC is supportive of affordable housing near transit because it improves mobility for everyone and boosts transit ridership. This study will help our community accomplish that, as well as help find solutions.

The RTC has begun the initial stages of the study, and will begin our work in spring 2019. The RTC will be seeking and encouraging input from our community as the study gets underway. Be sure to check our website and join the conversation on social media to get involved and share your comments and ideas.

Federal Transit Administration Joint Development
Affordable Housing Study Presentation


RTC Affordable Housing Report Draft Revised 04.03.2020 With Appendices