Complete Streets Master Plan

The purpose of the Complete Streets Master Plan is to identify the RTC’s long range strategy for Complete Street treatments in the Reno‑Sparks metropolitan area.  The plan will include:

  • A comprehensive analysis of multimodal safety issues relating to complete street designs
  • Assessment of the impact to traffic capacity and operations of the roadway network as a result of    complete streets
  • A long-range plan for future complete street treatments in the region
  • Public outreach through multiple community workshops and other outreach activities

Complete Streets can include a variety of elements and are designed to improve safety and accommodate local land use characteristics.  Some of the potential components of Complete Streets can include sidewalks, bike lanes, shared use paths, enhanced crosswalks, reduction in the number of travel lanes, and bus stops.  Because each Complete Streets design is customized to meet corridor needs, not all of these elements will be present in each Complete Streets design.