Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) – Update

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What is the Regional Transportation Plan:

The Regional Transportation Plan is our roadmap for the future. It outlines the transportation projects, programs, and services planned through 2050, in order to reach our community’s vision for a comprehensive transportation system.

The purpose of the Regional Participation Plan is to:

  • Identify the transportation projects, programs and services that may be implemented through 2050.
  • Capture the community‚Äôs vision for the transportation system.
  • Function as the major tool for implementing long-range transportation planning.
  • Establish an implementation plan to achieve that vision.

RTPs are updated every four (4) years to account for the latest conditions and reflect the community’s current priorities. RTC is embarking on an update of the RTP, last updated in 2021.

OFFICIAL PUBLIC COMMENT/PARTICIPATION NOTICE: Proposed Amendment No. 3 to the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Public Comment Period (June 26, 2024 ‚Äď July 16, 2024) Notice and Proposed Amendment Details


Xuan Wang, Senior Technical Planner