Virginia Street Corridor Study

The RTC in partnership with the City of Reno and the University of Nevada, Reno completed a corridor investment plan for Virginia Street from North McCarran Boulevard to the base of the Mt. Rose Highway. The purpose of this study is to conduct a multimodal analysis (pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile) for potential transportation improvements on Virginia Street that can also support economic development efforts within the corridor. The RTC began the study in March 2013 and the project team met with stakeholders along the corridor to create awareness about the study and gather input. The study identifies recommendations for increasing mobility options, improving safety and addressing parking needs. Corridor stakeholders include the City of Reno, UNR, business owners, retail centers, gaming properties, and the general public.

Public participation and input was essential to completing the study. In July, the RTC conducted an online and digital survey to gather public input on topics about travel patterns, corridor amenities and transportation needs along Virginia Street. Other outreach activities included community meetings, open house events and one-on-one meetings with stakeholders. The information received from the surveys and community planning workshops helped shape the vision of Virginia Street. It helped determine the types of improvements the community would like to have to make Virginia Street safer and more accessible for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and motorists. In turn, these improvements will stimulate economic prosperity for the region.

The plan identified short and long term improvements and a funding and implementation strategy. The outcome of the study will be incorporated into the Regional Transportation Plan and the Regional Transportation Improvement Program. A study database has been developed for interested individuals and business owners to receive info about event notifications, request information or ask questions. This is an opportunity to share your ideas, comments and concerns to help the RTC study team and stakeholders develop a base of community preferences for analysis and discussion.