Enhanced Mobility of Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities Grant Program


The region’s stakeholders and current subrecipients under the 5310 program have expressed a need for increased operating assistance to fund and support local senior/disabled transportation programs.  Under the federal 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program, funding is restricted to a minimum of 55% toward eligible Capital projects. In support of stakeholder feedback, instead of using federal dollars, RTC will allocate the equivalent federal 5310 funding appropriations in local sales tax dollars for local project distribution. This approach will allow for the development of more viable and longer-term senior/disabled transportation projects, reduce the administrative burden and oversight of those programs, increase flexibility, and allow for other program efficiencies.

Call for Projects

On December 18, 2023, the RTC announced a Call for Projects, and will be accepting applications through January 17, 2024, for the sales tax funding (5310 equivalent) grant program to provide transportation for seniors and people with disabilities, as predicated by the Federal Transit Administration’s Section 5310 Program.  To qualify, eligible projects must be operated by private nonprofit, public sector agencies or tribal governments.

The solicitation is for a two (2)-year funding agreement encompassing federal fiscal years 2024-2026. A maximum of $1,151,752 in sales tax funding is proposed and is based upon Federal Transit Administration (FTA) §5310 appropriations;  future years’ funding levels in this program will be contingent upon FTA’s continuation of the 5310 program, and continued 5310 funding appropriations. 

Total funding available for this two-year period includes:

1 (FFY 2022, §5310 appropriations)$569,008
2 (FFY 2023, §5310 appropriations)$582,744

In order for a project to qualify for funding it must provide service in the Reno/Sparks urbanized area of Washoe County. Any proposed project providing service outside of this area will not be considered for funding.



OTHER, Budget template (if needed for Operating and/or Capital requests)

Applications must be submitted to Jennifer Meyers, Public Transportation Department at jmeyers@rtcwashoe.com, and will be accepted until noon on January 17, 2024.