Look for our RTC VANPOOL vans and suvs on the road!


RTC SMART TRIPS presents vanpooling in the Truckee Meadows. Join RTC VANPOOL and enjoy a convenient, stress-free, and less expensive commute. Vanpools offer a comfortable, reasonably priced transportation alternative for groups of 4 to 14 people who share similar commute patterns.


A commuter van is driven by one of the members of the group and passengers are picked up and dropped off at agreed upon locations and times. Expenses are shared by the riders and subsidized by RTC. When more riders participate, the cost for everyone decreases.

RTC Washoe RTC Vanpool - Vanpool


The financial savings from vanpooling are often substantial when compared to commuting alone, and you will also lessen the stress of driving to work everyday. Vanpooling gives you the chance to snooze during your commute or catch up on reading. By vanpooling, you play an important part in helping ease traffic congestion, cutting fuel consumption, and reducing air pollution and climate change. Ridesharing is also a great way to network professionally and share business ideas and opportunities. Driving with company can make a trip a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

RTC Washoe RTC Vanpool


Register at RTC SMART TRIPS. From there, you’ll be guided through the matching process. Select names on your matchlist and send them an email letting them know that you are interested in forming a vanpool. You can also contact your human resources department at work and ask them to help promote ridesharing. Once you have a group of four people with similar commute patterns interested in forming a vanpool, notify RTC SMART TRIPS at 775-348-POOL or Contact Us by email and your prospective vanpool route will be posted on the RTC TRIP MATCH website. This may accelerate finding the other participants necessary to form a vanpool. If you already have a group of five or more participants, call 348-POOL to get your vanpool started.


The RTC has partnered with vRide to operate the program. vRide supplies the vehicles and pays for their maintenance and insurance. Participants split the cost of a rolling 30-day lease and gas. To lower participant costs, the RTC contributes $400 a month to qualifying vanpools traveling up to 3,000 miles a month. Higher subsidies are available to groups traveling longer distances. Exact costs for a vanpool will vary based on the amount of the vehicle lease, the gas that is used, and how many participants are in the vanpool. Free customized quotes are available. Find out how much money you could save if you gave up driving alone. Call 775-348-POOL or Contact Us by email.